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This paper begins by explaining what colonization is and which areas France, England and Spain had colonized up until the 1800's. The paper explains how colonization leaves a lasting effect on the place, even once the conquering nation has left, evident by the architecture and language of the modern-day people and land. Specifically, the paper compares the Eurocentric perspective on colonization to that of the Revisionist perspective. The writer also provides a commentary on each of the references used and their relevence to the topic. "French colonization like all other colonization brought about significant changes in the settlements where French people made colonies. These changes that the process of colonization brought and the way the French colonization made amendments in the varying cultures of the colonies that were later formed and the way this process of colonization contributed towards the history of economic development and paved way for the concept of capitalism is explained by two absolutely different schools of thought namely The Eurocentric historians and the Revisionist or the anti-Eurocentric historians. The Eurocentric historians strongly uphold the "cultural arrogance" associated with "the real-or-alleged centrality of Europe in preparing the explosion of economic development, science and technology, the Enlightenment and the expansion of the role of the individual-as well as intensified exploitation and colonial conquest-that heralded the modem world" and thereby indirectly establishing a link of the above with capitalism."

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